In the year 2080, humanity is facing a serious crisis in the aftermath of the last nuclear war. Actually, it's not a crisis at all. A crisis is called a crisis when it is accompanied by an opportunity, and in the current situation, humanity no longer has an opportunity. Some argue that nuclear war is a divine punishment for humanity as a whole, which is understandable given that we are heading for more and more chaos. Here, there is no hope left.

All that Remains

What remains of humanity are the suffering survivors in the ruins and the absolute lack of resources. It's a terrible consequence of human selfishness and greed that is no one's fault, and we can't blame anyone. The land is drying up, the water is polluted, and life in the ashes is taking a turn for the worst.

Some civilizations have barely risen from the ashes, but humanity is still groaning under the weight of the malice and chaos that has spread across the world. Without a functioning government, societies have lost their rules and norms and are in complete chaos, and people struggling to maintain their lives.

Aftermaths of Nuclear Attack

Those living in the United States are in an even more dire situation, not only because of the aftermath of the nuclear bomb but also because of the EMP-only nuclear reaction weapons that were actively deployed by the hostile during the war. This nuclear attack, designed to shut down all semiconductor devices, wiped out more than 95% of semiconductor equipment across the United States, and humanity, which relies on semiconductors and digital devices to advance civilization, suddenly without technology in general.

Decades after the war was forced to end with over 90% of the population wiped out.

The "long winter" caused by nuclear weapons ended after 20 years.
 As the aerosols covering the sky cleared, sunlight began to reach the ground locally, and low plants grew to replace the existing vegetation that had died.
 People who had been hiding in underground bunkers and shelters, surviving on emergency supplies began to return to the surface once again. Agriculture resumed to the extent that it was possible with less sunlight.

Reigniting the "Fuel" by Emperor Jake

The powerful EMP knocked out all electronics, rendering most of the old internal combustion engines with electronic controls unusable. Fortunately, the knowledge of mechanics with mechanic controls remained, and it was possible to retrofit and build engines using the old engines. Along with food production, the surviving human population's concern became securing "fuel" to run their engines.

In this new world, oil and diesel engines were once again recognized for their value, and the technology that had been discarded for the survival of mankind had returned, ironically, in the name of hope in the face of larger catastrophes.

The first to recognize this opportunity was Emperor Jake, who quickly seized upon it, creating the infamous empire of Fidelia that would last for centuries to come.

Fidelion is now its core as a massive oil rig and the infamous tower that sits at the center of the empire.

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