Welcome to Tidal Flats Studio

Tidal Flats Studio is a creative studio specializing in the development of Web3-based products and services.

We are an IP and brand value-focused content studio with the goal of creating strong fandoms with the PFP community on Web3.

Tidal Flats Studio aims to strengthen the IP in the following order:

  1. Build an NFT community with a hardcore fan base

  2. Release games targeting the Web2 masses

  3. Expand IP into multimedia franchises

  4. Licensing and merchandising strategy

In the early stages of building our IP and brand, we create a strong web3 community by launching digital collectibles and maximizing community value by developing IP that is loved by the web3 community.

We use this as a foundation to reduce the risk of failure of our first projects and lower initial marketing costs. This process allows us to strengthen and refine the focus of our community. Our IP gives us a solid foundation to grow with the support of our community as we develop and refine our games and other products and services.

The first project from the Tidal Flats studio is "Project Fidelion", launched on Web3.

The Fidelion Project is directly involved in the first phase of the IP expansion strategy outlined above. The Fidelion Project has allowed us to build a strong NFT community globally, and we look forward to working with that community to spread the word about Fidelion’s IP.

Fidelion will appeal not only to Web3, but also to Web2 gamers and fiction lovers with its carefully crafted world and backstory.

Under the leadership of these people, we are taking Fidelion to the next level.

(i) Hokyo, a founding member of Riot Games and former art director of League of Legends

(ii) Ryot, a skilled business developer with deep experience in Web3 and a Korean NFT expert

(iii) The team of 15 who are deeply entrenched in the Web2 and Web3 business, art and development skills

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