The Faction's Luxuries

These are the examples of luxuries representing each faction that Harrier will loot from others. Each luxury represents a faction. Therefore, when Harrier decides which faction to loot and hires a Grey Mercenary, Harrier will only acquire the luxuries from that specific faction. Harriers are not allowed to loot luxuries from the factions with which they share attributes. Betraying affiliated faction is one of the biggest taboos among Harriers. After looting luxuries from other factions, Harriers can earn $2080 tokens by selling looted luxuries in the Black Market.

The Middleman in the Black Market

All looted luxuries will be stored by The Middleman in the Black Market after the mercenaries complete their looting operation. Each of these luxuries has a different value, and it's crucial to recognize them and assess the investment risks.

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