Governance Token

TIDE is a governance token used by the Tidal Flats platform. TIDE is the ecosystem token for the Tidal Flats studio, giving holders the right to participate in the running of the studio and its games. The studio will introduce a governance voting system to the Tidal Flats ecosystem, allowing users who hold and stake $TIDE tokens to make their voices heard by voting on proposals for the ecosystem.

Staked $TIDE tokens will be valued as votes and will have a strong influence proportional to the amount of $TIDE staked. $TIDE can be earned through purchasing on an exchange platform now. More earning mechanisms for $TIDE will be developed.

  • TGE: 2023. 08. 15 (KST)

  • Sale: Tidal Flats Studio has secured funding in a private sale of $TIDE to strategic investors spanning the 2022-23 period. This allocation will be locked for a duration of 1.5 years.

  • Team & Advisors: Tidal Flats Studio, the brains behind Fidelion and MegaRoad, are incentivized to continue their innovative work after a successful token sale. This commitment is bound for 2 years.

  • Product Reserve: The Product Reserve allocation serves as a budget dedicated to developing the product and forming an initial ecosystem for each newly developed product within the Tidal Flats Studio ecosystem. As new games or products are launched and prepared for promotion, this allocation becomes available for market release.

  • Marketing: The marketing budget will be utilized for the initial promotion of MegaRoad and other upcoming products.

  • Ecosystem: The ecosystem fund will have its initial management overseen by the Tidal Flats Studio team, with its primary objective being the expansion of the Tidal Flats ecosystem community.


The $TIDE token can be used to purchase NFTs or other tokens, random boxes, and merchandise through the marketplace provided by Tidal Flats. Users who use $TIDE tokens will receive benefits such as being able to purchase goods at a discounted price.

The followings are examples of various uses which $TIDE will be utilized for:

  • Participation in game-related governance

  • Purchase Tidal Flats merchandise

  • Earn NFT airdrop rewards

  • Use in Mega Road and future content on Tidal Flats

Burning Token (Deflation)

The $TIDE token can be burned through the various activities. (TBA)

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