Power Stats

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Fame Level

Harrier can earn experience(exp) by spending $2080 tokens and once it reaches to certain amount of exp, it will level up. The required amount of $2080 tokens to level up increases proportionally for higher levels.

Other Stats

Harriers can boost their power stats by spending $2080. Stats are tied to the Harrier and inevitably, this will be inherited by the individual mercenary, depending on the "mode" to be unlocked.

There are altogether 6 modes (basic, intermediate, advanced, pro, exalted, God-mode) in all the stats.

  1. Basic, intermediate & advanced are pre-conditioned upon Fame level up to Lv 10 and above.

  2. Pro is pre-conditioned upon Fame level up to Lv 20 and above

  3. Elite is pre-conditioned upon Fame level up to Lv 30 and above.

  4. Master is pre-conditioned upon Fame level up to Lv 40 and above.

Based on these points, it would mean that each mode of stats will unlock x number of mercenaries affected by these powers.

It is highly recommended to carefully consider which stats you want your Harrier to develop.


The Defense stat restores the trading price of looted luxuries in the backfire event. If the defense level is over 45, the harrier will be doing a counterattack and get more than double the price of the normal trade price.

Defense Formula

Lv 15-45


Lv 46-51



The Luck stat increases the chance of a Fortune Rush (2x) by a multiplier, with 4x reward at level 46, 7x at level 61, and 10x at level 76.

LUK Formula



The Dexterity stat reduces the time it takes to loot.

Dex Defense Formula


Hint: Looting time will be reduced by up to approximately 80% with the highest level of DEX. Imagine BT looting time < 10 hours, KS looting time < 1 week)

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