NFT Collection

We consider Fidelion NFTs to be the cornerstone of the NFT ecosystem, and we've meticulously planned every web3-related detail of this NFT collection. Fidelion NFTs are not just gaming NFTs - this collection is designed to be valuable beyond the game so that the NFTs can stand on their own.

The NFT collection is a total of 9,000 Solana-based digital assets. The collection was carefully crafted over the course of about six months and consists of 570 different traits, the largest number of Solana-based NFTs, each of which is assigned an attribute from one of nine factions.

In the future, these attributes and the number of traits will be correlated to gameplay in NFT-FIs.

Token Economy

This Fidelion NFT can be staked to earn tokens. The payout of $2080 tokens from staking is essentially determined by the number of NFTs staked. These tokens will be utilized in various ways, including raffles, auctions, participation in the Fidelion Empire collection, and NFT upgrades.

While the staking that currently exists is just a regular simple staking system, we're preparing for Black Market (NFT-Fi) to make these stakes more engaging and fun. You can see more descriptions of these on the Black Market (NFT-Fi).

Choosing a Faction

Fidelion NFTs feature high-quality artwork representing various factions within the universe. However, currently, each NFT does not have a specific faction assigned to it. In the future, NFT holders will have the option to choose their own faction.

We will allow users to select their preferred faction through staking activities. To progress through this content, players will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a specific amount of $2080 tokens.

  • Hold a Fidelion NFT with the traits of the faction they choose.

More details on this content will be announced later. Stay tuned!


The tokens earned through Fidelion NFTs will also be utilized to purchase a variety of limited-edition merchandise items. The quantity of each item will vary depending on whether or not they are mass-produced.

The Fidelion project doesn't think of branded merchandise as just a black hoodie with a white logo. We understand the huge frustration with the boring and predictable designs of merchandise that pervade the entire NFT scene, which is why we've teamed up with Metaganji, a web2.0 fashion platform builder with over 20 years of experience in the web3.0 fashion industry, to create one of the best art collections ever seen on the blockchain.

All merchandise issued on Fidelion will be of the best quality and unique design. A separate website platform will allow for the easy purchase of merchandise as well as purchases through raffles, auctions, etc.

*Merchandise will have different shipping and handling fees depending on the destination.

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