Other Contents

In addition to the main content of stage battles and equipment, Mega Road offers a variety of sub-content to keep players entertained.


  • This is content that experiments with Willi's DNA and allows players to uncover various physical abilities in the lab that will enhance Willi's ability or give him special effects.

  • These inventions are evenly distributed in each body part's DNA, and to enhance more body parts, players need to increase their Mega Road account level.

  • Players can only experiment with areas that have the same number as their current account level, and in order to increase their account level, they must steadily earn account experience by playing main battle and patrol content.

  • These physical abilities can be unearthed and activated using in-game Gold, and these enhanced body parts will empower Willi in battle.

  • However, some rare specialty DNAs can be activated with DNA Point instead of Gold.

  • DNA Point can only be earned through Challenge Mode, which we'll discuss below.

  • However, most specialized DNAs add new features that weren't there before or are a huge help in battle, so it's highly recommended that players activate them to take down difficult enemies.


  • Challenges are content that players can access as they clear stages through the main battles, Also they are the only content that earns the DNA Points needed to activate the special physical enhancement described above.

  • Each Challenge stage is identical to the stages that players have experienced in the main battle, but with various effects added to favor the enemies that appear, it will be much more challenging. Hence it's better to be prepared by constantly upgrading the player's gear and activating DNA experiments.

  • Challenge stages are available in a total of three difficulty levels for each main stage a player clears, and the number of effects that favor enemies increases as the difficulty level increases. In addition to DNA Points, players can also earn gems, the game's main currency, by completing Challenges, which is essential for character development.


  • Patrols are for players who don't play for long periods of time and need a break.

  • Instead of playing for long periods of time, players can earn various rewards and account experience with a few simple taps.

  • However, players cannot progress beyond a set number of times each day and cannot earn infinite rewards due to the energy required for the main battle.


  • There are quests that renew on a daily and weekly basis, and players can earn various rewards for completing them to improve their character.

  • There are also achievements that do not renew and are cumulative, and when players complete them, they are rewarded with gems, the main in-game currency.

Daily Reward

  • This is content that rewards players for visiting Mega Road every day with a small reward, and it updates at 0:00 UTC.

  • There are 7 days of rewards in total, and once a player has earned all 7 days of rewards, they will be rewarded back to Day 1.

  • There are also additional rewards for consecutive visits to the Mega Road, so players are encouraged to play the game every day without missing it.

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