Project Fidelion is primarily focused on enhancing the experience for NFT holders. To transform the experience beyond merely acquiring tokens through staking, the studio has launched a new staking website - The Black Market.

Holders of Fidelion's NFTs can access the site to enjoy gamified staking content and earn token rewards accordingly. Unlike the traditional simple staking method, users will have access to a variety of stories connected to Fidelion's worldview, which will help each user immerse themselves in the world of Fidelion.

Tokens rewarded through staking content can be used across various channels within the Fidelion ecosystem, contributing to the revitalization of the ecosystem.

The NFT-Fi's progression is divided into three key pillars.

  1. Preparation for looting (Staking Period)

  2. Hiring a mercenary: picking a faction to betray and looting luxuries.

  3. Sell Luxuries: selling on the black market through mercenaries (you can wait for the market price to be adjusted, but you'll risk losing your looted luxuries)

More details are described on the next page.

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