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The chance of certain events occurring fluctuates on a daily basis. The harriers must carefully observe and strategize accordingly based on the chances associated with each event assigned to their mercenaries' faction.

Upon acquiring the mercenaries' items and subsequently selling them to the Middleman, the player concludes their looting and becomes subject to the fate of encountering one of the following events:

  1. Backfire: Lose looted luxuries upon trading with Middle Man

  2. Fortune Rush: Get at least 2x rewards upon trading with Middle Man

However, if you're not involved in any of the events, you will get an expected price for your looting instead. While rerolling is not an option for these events, you can still try your luck to obtain a better expected price if necessary.

The event chances are heavily affected by the emission revenue ratio, ER and the mercenaries looting ratio, ML.

ML = (current mercenaries on looting for each faction/total mercenaries on looting)

ER = Emission / Revenue

As more mercenaries from certain factions are on looting on a specific day, this makes it easier for the furious faction to discover who the mercenaries are. Now, you made it easier for them to discover who has been looting their luxuries. As a result, the chance of a complete loss of looted items during the luxury trade increases.

Moreover, with more mercenaries on looting from the factions, this will affect token emission on that day.

Furthermore, the increase in the number of mercenaries from certain factions participating in looting affects token emission on that particular day. The Emission-to-Revenue (ER) ratio is calculated by dividing the total emission by the revenue. This ER is reset daily, adjusting emission and revenue to maintain a fixed ER throughout the day.

Thus, if the population (indicating the number of looted luxuries to be traded and redeemed for the specific faction on a given day) rises while the revenue remains relatively constant, players who hit the expected price will receive a lower trading price for their looted luxuries.

For example, on a specific day:

KS faction:

Backfire: 50%

Fortune Rush: 12.5%

Regular Price: 37.5%

QS faction:

Backfire: 60%

Fortune Rush: 10%

Regular Price: 30%

Apart from optimizing factions for looting based on event probabilities and the number of mercenaries in each faction, players will also have the opportunity to enhance the power stats of their harriers to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). More on that in Power Stats.

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