Video Tutorials

  1. Leveling Up Your FAME

First of all, you need to increase your FAME level in order to hire more mercenaries for looting activities. Make sure you understand how to help your harriers gain experience by spending $2080!

  1. Hiring Mercenaries: Your Traits and Available Factions

To start looting, you need to hire mercenaries. Hire someone from a faction you don't care much about, which means a faction you don't have any traits of.

  1. Looting (Active staking)

Go loot valuables from factions with your mercenaries!

4. Selling Your Loot: Market Price, Reroll, Selling

The market price is volatile, so the decision is yours: Do you want to wait for a better price, or would you prefer to sell it right away? Alternatively, would you like to ask a favor of the "Middleman"?

  1. Item Expiration and Discarding

You can wait as long as you want, but we can't guarantee that a faction won't come after you for the stolen valuables. Don't let your items expire, as all your efforts to obtain that valuable will simply go to waste.

  1. Recovery Pill

Used up your Stamina during looting? You can recover from it with the help of the recovery pill.

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