Fairness and sustainability are our studio's commitment to creating a stable and sustainable economy. Despite the challenges facing the NFT and P2E ecosystem, we believe that the token economy can be used as a tool, not solely for monetization.

We believe that a healthy deflationary system can incentivize in-game activity, creating value and fostering growth. We are confident that this approach will lead to a balanced and healthy in-game economy. We are dedicated to improving and refining the system to ensure a level playing field for all players.

All systems organized by our studio are supported by the $2080 (NFT + Utility) token and the $TIDE (Governance) token, which together form the entire economic system of the Fidelion ecosystem.

Dual Token Model

We have a dual token model that uses $2080, our NFT-Fi token, and $TIDE, our studio's governance token. Dual token tokenomics is a system where a project has two different tokens: one for transactions and one for governance. This system offers benefits such as reduced price volatility, increased decentralization, incentives for participation, and greater flexibility for the project.

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