Main Characters

Willi A brave warrior and a man of action who speaks without words. As a child, Willi was taken into forced labor by a strange man. There were many other children like him in the man's house, and they were all forced to work under the scorching sun. Among the kids, Willi made his only friend, Elaine, and promised to run away together. Unfortunately, Willi got caught and was captured by his master while he was helping Elaine escape. They were separated for a long time. Now, Willi is finally free and on his way to find his friend. Don't ask how he became a free man; you better not know.

Mobi A timid old robot that Willi rescues from a group of big gangsters. When Willi brings Mobi to Jeffery to exchange for a new weapon, she suggests bringing him back to life instead. Mobi gains the ability to speak and becomes a loyal companion to Willi. As they progress through each stage, Mobi becomes more talkative, and when he gets angry, he can shoot weapons from his body.

Jeffery An intelligent and eccentric scientist who has experienced tragedy. Despite being confined to a wheelchair due to an unfortunate accident, her creativity knows no bounds. Jeffery collects abandoned mechanical parts to create new weapons in her atomic bomb house. When she meets Willi, she senses the adventure and excitement that lies ahead and suggests him to bring her bolts from the defeated monsters outside to create new weapons for Willi. Jeffery doesn't directly participate in the battles, but she plays an integral role in Willi's journey.

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