The Harriers

Harriers = Holders


In NFT-Fi, the term "Harrier" refers to a single Fidelion NFT. To join Fidelion NFT-Fi, a user must own at least one Fidelion NFT. A Harrier can have any of the nine Traits listed below, each corresponding to one of the nine factions in the Fidelion world.

Example: [HT] Grey Wool Ski Mask is a Trait that corresponds to Hunters (HT)

  • Accessory

  • Clothing

  • Eyewear

  • Full-face Mask

  • Headwear

  • Helmet

  • Marking

  • Mask

  • Weapon


Harriers can pursue their profits by looting the luxuries held by a particular faction. Harriers can choose a specific faction to loot the luxuries. The selection is related to the Harrier's traits described above.

A Harrier's trait is strongly tied to your Harrier's faction. If you try to break this tie or betray your faction, you may go through a major obstacle to survive in this harsh world.

For this reason, it is wiser to loot luxuries from other factions, rather than loot them from a faction you're tied with.

You can loot luxuries from a faction that your Harrier is not affiliated with, or "a faction with a trait that your Harrier does not have" by hiring a Gary Mercenary. In order to start a mission with your Grey Mercenary, your Harrier must be staked.


Harriers can build up their fame by spending $2080 tokens. The amount of $2080 tokens is required to proportionally increase each level of the fame.

As the level of fame increases, the number of Grey Mercenaries you can hire increases and allows you to loot multiple factions at the same time. Additionally, upon reaching certain fame levels, Harriers will be recognized by their faction for their achievements and will be eligible to officially join a faction. (This is a feature that will be updated in the future).


When Harrier is looting with a mercenary, the stamina level will decrease. Stamina decreases proportionally to the duration of the looting execution time.

Low stamina can significantly delay the duration of a looting mission, and the amount of time and $2080 tokens required to recover varies. Hence it is important to manage the stamina before it turns out to be extremely low.

There are two ways to recover the stamina, and a Harrier can choose one:

  • Take a rest (Under Construction)

    • Harrier can recover stamina to 100% by taking a long rest. While taking a rest, Harrier has to be staked and won't be able to run a looting operation.

    • The duration of the rest period increases when Harrier has a worse stamina status. Also, the required time will increase proportionally by the Harrier's level.

    • While resting, Harrier can earn a certain amount of $2080 tokens, which is less than the amount that can be earned from looting. When Harrier is unstaked before the rest is ended, the Harrier will still earn a $2080 token based on the duration of staking time.

  • Take a recovery pill

    • Harrier can spend $2080 tokens to take a recovery pill and instantly restore stamina to 100%.

    • The amount of $2080 tokens required to take the pill will increase when Harrier has a worse stamina condition, and it will also increase proportionally by the Harrier's level.

Stamina StatusLatency for LootingTime Required for Full RecoveryAmount of $2080 required for Full Recovery

Over 50%




10% ~ 50%




Less than 10%




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