The Black Market

The Middleman is an NPC who stores and sells looted luxuries in the Black Market. After Harriers and the mercenaries have completed their looting operation, they store the looted luxuries with the Middleman and request him to sell them. This Middleman sells the luxuries according to the trends of the Black Market.

Middlemen are not professionally trained warriors, but their business skills allow them to strike good deals in the Black Market. This is why Harriers prefer to sell their looted luxuries to the Middleman. In return, Harriers provide protection for the Middleman, safeguarding him from attacks by outlaws and ensuring the safe sale of items.

Price Fluctuations

All luxuries have a minimum and maximum price and fluctuate within that range based on market trends. The market price changes every few hours, and it's up to Harriers to decide when to sell. Every few hours, the Middleman will monitor the Black Market and alert Harriers for any changes in the price. If Harriers are not satisfied with the current price, they can also pay the Middleman a certain amount of $2080 tokens and instantly reset the price for all looted luxuries.

Risk for Better Price

Each luxury item has a safe selling time. during which the Middleman can safely sell the items in the Black Market. However, each item has a different safe selling time, so it's important to keep track of remaining time to ensure not make a loss. Based on the experiences, the Middleman intuitively knows how risky Harriers' luxuries are.

If the safe selling time runs out, the Harriers whose luxuries were stolen will start to search for the looters. This will increase the chance of catching you and your Middleman. Since the Middleman is not a trained warrior, securing his safety will come as his first priority. Hence, if he feels it's too risky to sell your luxuries, he will stop the sale and run away. However, there are two possible scenarios you can risk with him:

  1. If you get caught by the Harrier, your Middleman will lose all of your items. In this case, you won't be able to get your lost luxuries back and earn any profit.

  2. If you don't get caught by the Harrier, your Middleman will suggest a better price. Since the Middleman is very anxious and stressed, he wants to sell the luxuries instantly. Therefore, he will compromise some of his margins and offer you more profits to persuade you to sell your luxuries immediately.

Over time, the anxious Middleman will give up more of his margin and offer you a better price to encourage you to sell. Therefore, you should consider the market price and safe selling time to determine the optimal time to sell your luxuries for higher profit. However, bear in mind that you will never know when your Middleman might be discovered by other Harriers.

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