Mega Road is a roguelike game in which players start with a level 1 character, each time entering a new stage to battle. Players can steadily gain experience by defeating waves of enemies, and leveling up their characters as they battle.

Acquiring Skills

Level Up:

  • As players defeat enemies in combat, they drop experience bolts.

  • Collecting bolts and filling the experience gauge bar at the top increases the player's character's level, providing them the opportunity to acquire new skills or improve existing ones.

Skill Chest:

  • When a player defeats an Elite or Boss Monster that appears during a battle, a Skill Chest will drop.

  • Picking up a Skill Chest grants players the opportunity to enhance their existing skills.

  • If a combination of skills is available at the time, players will always get the combination skill.

Active Skills

  • Active Skills are skills that directly attack enemies and are accompanied by visual effects, such as firing projectiles that fly in unique ways or creating an area around the character that attacks enemies in the vicinity. The way each skill attacks can give a player an advantage or disadvantage in combat, so be sure to use judgment when choosing a skill.

  • Active skills can be upgraded up to level 5, and reaching level 5 is a prerequisite for skill combinations, making it a top priority.

Passive Skills

  • Passive Skills are skills that do not directly attack enemies, but support the character's abilities, making the player's active skills more powerful or healing the character.

  • Passive skills can be upgraded up to level 5, but unlike Active Skills, they have lower priority because reaching level 5 is not a prerequisite for skill combinations.

Combining Skills

  • If a player fulfills the conditions by having all of the active and passive skills that correspond to each other, a player can combine them to get a combination skill.

  • Each combination skill can only be combined with two other skills, so it's best to make sure the skills are compatible with each other before acquiring them.

  • In particular, Active Skills must reach level 5 before they can be combined.

  • Most of the time, players will have a combination of one active skill and one passive skill, but in special cases, players can get a combination skill with two active skills.

  • In this case, both Active Skills must be at level 5 for the skill to combine.

  • If all of the requirements for the combination are fulfilled, players will have a chance to choose the combination skill when they level up their character, and in the case of skill chests, they will always get the combination skill.

  • When a combination skill is acquired, the active skill required for the combination is removed and replaced with the combination skill.

Combination Skills

  • Combination skills are skills that can be obtained by combining the previously described skills and are often very powerful, making them a must-have when dealing with powerful enemies.

  • They provide a more advanced form of animation and effects based on the active skill required for the combination, and allow players to take out a large number of enemies in an instant with their powerful performance.

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