1 Empire, 9 Factions, 1 Story

In the year 2080, the periphery of the Fidelian Empire is home to a total of nine factions. Each faction maintains its own relationship to Fidelia, ranging from friendly to hostile, and some being submissive, all surviving through diverse means.

Here's a brief overview of these factions:

Fidelian Empire - The Fidelian Empire, ruled by Jake Marcus, is a powerful and authoritarian regime. It upholds a strict social hierarchy, employing military force and advanced technology such as the Titan bipedal weapon, to assert dominance and control over the North American region.

Jack N Boyz - A gang of outlaws led by criminal Jack Gray. Most of the initial members hailed from the Fidelian Empire. They were sentenced to death under the Empire's strict laws. They escaped with Jack Gray while serving their sentence.

Hunters - A mercenary group hired by the Fidelian Empire to carry out challenging tasks, led by former slave camp commander, Biff, who controls his unit of former slaves through violence and incentives.

Nine Fingers - A group of escaped gladiator slaves led by Leopart, who fled the Fidelian Empire in search of freedom, gathering fellow fighters from the arena, slave workers, and other civilians.

Zaikasha - An elite resistance group led by Rio Crassus, a disillusioned former Fidelian Empire officer. Its highly trained members operate like a close-knit family, dedicated to specialized missions against the unjus empire.

Caballeros - Led by Morales Fiago, this group of soldiers is composed of Spanish immigrants who prioritize lineage and consider themselves apostles of mercy. They enforce justice against the unjust empire.

Blattas - Led by Lahar, a group of orphaned, armed children survives in the post-war wasteland by scavenging from other survivors. Lahar's knowledge of resource conservation and survival in confined spaces is crucial.

Kossacks - Led by the ruthless Kin, this powerful group of mercenaries is renowned for their unmatched fighting abilities, relentless drive, and emotionless demeanor.

Gary's Lounge - Operated by former assassin Gary Haddenberg, this bar generates income through intelligence sales and secretive assassination missions. It maintains a veil of limited understanding and awareness among outsiders.

Quasars - An independent resistance group led by former general Turner Cobain. They gather skilled soldiers and civilians to establish a base and fight against the Fidelian Empire’s expansion, adapting their strategies to command a small elite force for maximum impact.

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