Fortune Rush

A strange man in a black hood approaches you and whispers.

"I happened to notice that you have something I want. How about you trade with me, I'll pay you double the current market price! OR even 4x, 7x and 10x, depending on your luck, rumors have it that Middleman have the uncanny ability to identify lucky mercenaries.

The suddenness of this strange man's offer makes you hesitate. Your gut tells you so.

Success in this venture is likely to hinge more on your Harrier's LUK attribute than solely on the probability of encountering just 2x rewards in Fortune Rush event. (Read more)

You find yourself at a crossroads, torn between taking a chance on this offer or playing it safe. Remember, the cautious path of passive staking is always an option.

Yet, every looting mission is an opportunity laden with uncertainty and adventure.

Fortune rush formula


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