Mega Road (Mobile Game)

Mega Road aims to establish an IP that sets a new benchmark, not just for the development of a single game but for multiple works. It represents the first game developed within Project Fidelion, which is planned as a long-term game development initiative.

In traditional game development, creating a unique IP for each game is essential. This demands deep thought, consideration and resources for each IP. This becomes a challenge that smaller game companies cannot sustain for a long term. Thus, Tidal Flats Studio intends to overcome the limitations of mobile games by anchoring the core IP within the web3.0 ecosystem.

Mega Road strives to create a solid foundation for the entire project by constructing it within a unique environment centered on blockchain and metaverse, establishing a framework for the project based on these technologies. The primary goal of the project is to build a community of Solana's NFTs that reflects to the value of the IP. It aims to create a scalable revenue structure by developing mobile games based on the highly loyal enthusiast base that it has been generated.

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