A significant number of sales of specific faction's luxuries within a certain timeframe indicates that they have been looted by the Harriers more than other factions. Now they are furious, driven by wrath and hate, determined to find those who stole their luxuries.

Provoking the factions can be a precarious game, where one misstep can lead to a perilous BACKFIRE

There is NO way to deter this furious faction from searching for their stolen luxuries.

However, there are still opportunities for the harriers to defend their mercenaries against these marauding factions should they be equipped accordingly. (Read more)

Undeniably, as more mercenaries from certain factions are on looting on a specific day, this makes their looting missions more prominent - thus, the furious faction can easily track down who the mercenaries are.

Never be the "life" at the party (black market)

Let us reveal to you, the main weapon of a mercenary is the ability to work under deep cover. As more mercenaries start to sell more than a certain number of luxuries from the same faction within a certain amount of time, this will make your mercenaries' trading operations in the Black Market more prominent, the chance of the faction getting involved in Backfire increases.

Backfire formula

f(x)= \begin{cases} 0.45(\frac{\sqrt{(9x)^3}}{2}+0.5), & \mbox{if }0\le\mbox{x}\le0.1111111 \\ 0.45(\sqrt{x-\frac{1}{9}}\frac{1250}{2357}+1), & \mbox{if }0.1111111\le\mbox{x}\le1 \end{cases}

(x=num  of  mercenaries  on  specific  faction  /  num  of  total  mercenaries  on  looting)(x=num\;of\;mercenaries\;on\;specific\;faction\;/\;num\;of\;total\;mercenaries\;on\;looting)

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